about us

Under the trendy brand name of HELIOPOLICE, have now stepped into the world of men's fashion bringing T-Shirts, Shirts, Jeans and a variety of inner wear at affordable prices internationally.  This evolving genre of style is something that our team of professionals is continuously exploring ... with colors, cuts and silhouettes!  With an eye on quality and keeping up with trends, it is no surprise that our products have already made a mark in the Men's Fashion industry and are growing in demand & popularity.  Our products can be procured on whole-sale or retail basis, as need be.

Why Us

With the upcoming boost in infrastructure that this strategic location provides with regards to logistics support, our state of the art manufacturing systems ensure that only high quality products leave with our seal of approval.  The employee friendly work culture encourages our team of excellent craftsmen to discharge their tasks with attention to detail thus bringing you the finest quality men’s wear that you have come to know us by!